Bike Ride Tracking Apps Have a Lot of Advantages

Biking applications are designed to be a one-stop shop for our riders. The software for recording bike trips, on the other hand, may be used for other outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, road caravanning, and even running. These apps are GPS-enabled and come with a slew of other navigation features.

Its heart rate monitor characteristics and helpful health capabilities, such as monitoring calorie burnt steps or jumps taken, are two of the key reasons it can help different activities, not simply cycling. Cycling at 12 mph can help a person burn 563 calories each hour, according to this study, which means 20 minutes of cycling can help a person stay healthy.

We need at least 30 minutes of walking per day when it comes to walking. While we can track all of this with a simple watch, we won't be able to get route feedback or GPS, which will help us become more familiar with a location. Furthermore, due of their social aspects that allow users to connect and share information with one another, bike riding applications might assist build confidence in going outside. Some use it to compete with others, while others use it to assist others. Nonetheless, each contributes in their own way. Here are a few bike ride monitoring apps you should be aware of.

Apps for Tracking Bike Rides

Some bike ride monitoring applications require the use of a computer, while others may be used solely with your smartphone. Some applications are free, while others require you to purchase a package.

There are other bike riding apps that you can use offline, albeit some do require a cell connection to assure an internet supply. Below are some of the most popular bike ride monitoring applications.

The Top Five Bike Ride Tracking Apps



While most riders use a separate GPS device installed on their computer to track their rides and then connect it to the app to check how other riders are doing, you can use Strava on your phone like a cycle gadget.

This app for tracking bike rides can provide metrics, such as rankings of well-known road and trail segments. Furthermore, Strava is well-known for producing GPS maps of your riding sessions.

It also features a real-time feature that shows how fast you're moving on a particular trail. In other words, whether you're climbing mountains or driving on tiny roads, it'll assist you understand your abilities. It also includes a social component, similar to Facebook, where you can follow your friends and stay up to date on their cycling workouts. You can also congratulate them and provide comments on the platform.

Availability and Pricing

It costs £6.99 per month or £47.99 per year and is accessible on both iOS and Android.



Komoot is available as a desktop application or a mobile application. This allows users to plan ahead of time for their riding sessions. Furthermore, depending on the rider's fitness, it proposes which routes are best to travel.

All you have to do now is choose your riding style as well as your chosen starting and ending points. Its algorithms will choose the best route for you, whether it's a mountain, a hill climb, or a flat road.

Following that, it will display photographs and information on the road gathered from other users. You may also post a review, which will be seen to other riders as feedback. This is critical because it can provide you and others with safety measures and information about the road that a biker should be aware of in order to avoid accidents caused by cracks and other accident-prone places.

It also offers free app and map updates, as well as offline maps and voice navigation.

Availability and Pricing

It's available on both iOS and Android devices. The premium plan, on the other hand, is dependent on the extent of your desired routes. A cost of £3.99 / $3.99 / €3.99 applies if you only plan to bike in one region. If you want to ride in a few more places, you'll have to spend £8.99 / $8.99 / €8.99 every month. Meanwhile, the cost of having access to all paths in all worlds is £29.99 / $29.99 / €29.99.



This app includes route planning, real-time updates, and navigation, much like any other bike ride tracking app. This real-time feature notifies the rider if there are any issues while on the road. It is not something that bikers, especially those who are familiar with their routes, find useful. It is, nevertheless, quite useful for riders who are unfamiliar with a certain area.

Availability and Pricing

With a premium cost of £9 monthly/ £35 annually, this bike ride monitoring app is also available on Android and iOS. If paying every month or year is too much of a headache for you, and you ride a lot, they also have a plan with lifetime access for only £89.



Because of its route-mapping software, this bike tracking app is similar to CycleMeter. Despite the fact that the service is already excellent, you can upgrade it to include a more advanced option for sharing with family and friends without being interrupted by commercials.

Pricing and Availability

On IOS and Android, it is free to use, but a premium subscription is also available.

Google Maps


Google Maps is the map that everyone, including non-bicyclists, utilizes. You can use it to locate locations, read reviews, and inspect them for yourself. It also recommends alternate routes and bikes for you to try. If you're not familiar with the area, you can use earphones to listen to a voice turn-by-turn aid.

Availability and Pricing

This bike trip tracking app is completely free! Simply download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, and you're ready to go. Don't forget to link your email address to it!


While there are many more applications for tracking bike rides, you should always go with the one that provides the finest service for the least amount of money.

You can make this experience even better by pairing your phone with a bike-riding app on your smartwatch!