These days, the beach is where everybody is. Although it's scorching outside and sunny, the water is refreshingly chilly. In the United States, summers means more opportunity to ride e-bikes on the street and at the beach.

Use your e-bike for more than just commuting and exercise this year. What the doctor ordered is a beach session, whether it be with company or by yourself. According to studies, spending time in the sun enhances your body's vitamin D levels. We also require as much vitamin D as possible because it is so crucial to the health of our immune system. And where better to enjoy the sunshine than at the nearby beach?

Beach Ride

Taking a bike on the boardwalk is one of the greatest ways to reach the beach and explore all the stores and eateries. Be mindful of any municipal ordinances that would force you to completely pedal your e-bike next to walkers on the beachfront. If so, you can always cruise the streets near the shore by obeying the rules of the road and keeping an eye out for other cars.

Always be courteous and yield to pedestrians and other bikers. On the majority of e-bikes, using pedal-assist level 1 or 2, you should be able to continue pedaling while the battery and motor provide a slight boost. Boardwalks and piers near the shore are fantastic places to people watch. Using your e-bike to travel around will ensure you visit all the attractions in coastal towns that are close to the beaches.

Beach Picnic

Having a picnic at the beach is yet another fantastic beach pastime. A picnic is simple to put up and may be utilized as a romantic date idea or by yourself for some much-needed relaxation, whether it is for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Bring sunscreen, refreshments, a nice read, and snacks. Find a free space in the sand to park your bike after packing everything into a sturdy e-bike bag that is fastened to your rack. But be aware of the high tide, which, if you're not careful, may quickly soak you and your picnic blanket.

Observe the sunrise or the sunset

Immediately before sunrise and just after dusk are ideal times to shoot photos. The sun will brighten the sky with beautiful orange, blazing red, and deep blue or purple hues while casting lengthy shadows and color patterns across the clouds. On the beach, where the ocean provides an unhindered view of the vast sky, these sights are at their best. With the assistance of the electric battery and motor, exploring extensive stretches of water and beach is simple on your cruiser. Additionally, once you've found a secluded spot to watch the sun rise, the sound of the waves lapping against the sand coastlines will undoubtedly calm you down and make you thankful for your simple beach e-bike ride.

Shore Fishing

Excellent shore fishing may be found in numerous areas around the coast. For instance, fishermen along the coast of North Carolina frequently park their pickup trucks, dirt bikes, and e-bikes close to the water before casting into the surf. To take in the scenery and catch a few fish, pack your tackle box and a chair to be mounted on your bike rack.

When fishing in the oceans, make sure to obtain a saltwater fishing license and use the pier or neighboring bridges to choose the finest location. Fish adore the nearby natural rock formations as well as the rocks that have been specifically placed next to piers and lighthouses to break the waves. When you are throwing your rod and attempting to land the big one, hanging out by the lake has never been more exhilarating.

Surfing and e-bikes

There are many bike racks available that are designed expressly to carry a surfboard. The Polarna ebike M4 beach e-bike is ideal for this application. You can navigate the denser areas of the beach and choose a decent surf spot where the waves are breaking nicely and long thanks to the fat tires and lengthy battery life. Attach your surfboard to your bike and pack your wetsuit, fins, and surf wax. In no time at all, you'll be prepared to charge some waves.

Just a few of the top e-bike suggestions for summers by the water are listed above. Always use sunscreen outside, no matter what time of day it is or where you are. Regardless of the color of your skin, the sun's UV radiation can still burn you even under cloudy or gloomy conditions.

An e-bike is a helpful companion to bring you to and from the beach, as well as through light sand, whether you are cruising the boardwalk, wanting to have a beach picnic while you watch the sunset, or shore fishing with your friends.

Reduce the pressure in your tires a little bit if you are having trouble driving through the sand because it is not compact enough. The loose sand and pebbles that are typical of beaches will make it easier for the e-bike tire to gain traction. But before you step back onto the pavement, make sure you can inflate again. Under 10 psi, never ride on hard surfaces.

Using a fat tire electric bike, like the Polarna ebike M6, which has our biggest fat tires ever, is another way to enhance your ride on the beach. Visitors to the beach will undoubtedly stop and stare as you pass on your slick, high-tech electric mountain bike. It's your time now. So go outside and get some sun! Enjoy your ride.