A semi-solid lubricant called grease is created by emulsifying soap with mineral or vegetable oil. But grease has a high viscosity. If sprayed to a flat surface, it creates a barrier to block the water. In other words, the reason bike grease is sticky is that it repels water. They adhere to the fibers when the fabric is cleaned in a machine. That suggests that water won't be sufficient to remove bike grease. Even with typical laundry cycles, you can still have trouble getting the bike oil out.

Bike grease is soluble in organic solvents like degreasers and acids, so you can remove it from most clothes with dish soap, baking soda, and other risk-free methods. How can bike oil be removed off clothing? Let's look at some methods that I've found to be effective after learning about the many ways to remove bike grease.

With baking soda, you can remove bike grease from clothing

The stain with baking soda. Other options include talcum powder. These powders are a fantastic option for delicate clothing when trying to remove bike grease stains because they draw grease and oil out of the material without hurting the fibers. Let the powder stand all night. By the time you brushed it off the following day, the most of the bike oil should have been absorbed.

Pay attention to the washing directions on the label of your clothing. For delicate fabrics, try hand washing or utilizing the delicates cycle with a gentle detergent like Persil Silk & Wool (read the pack for dosage instructions). If you're unclear whether this process will work for your garment since it might require special care, speak with an experienced dry cleaner.

With Biological Detergent, you can remove bike grease from clothing

Utilize biological detergent to pre-treat the stain. Use a little quantity of detergent (or rub it in with an old, soft toothbrush) when a stain first develops, then wait a few minutes before rinsing. Consult the pack for more details.

After rinsing with cool water, wash as usual. You can wash the item by hand or in your washing machine in accordance with the instructions on the care label. Avoid using this approach on delicate fabrics like wool, silk, and others. Always check the label first if you are unsure.

Dishwashing liquid can be used to remove bike grease from clothing

Work some dishwashing liquid gently into the stain. Dishwashing detergent works great on clothes to remove bike grease because it is designed to cut through grease and fat on dirty dishes. To gently remove grease stains, use an old toothbrush and a paste consisting of dish soap and baking soda.

With cool water, thoroughly clean the discoloration. Let water flow from the rear of the grease stains to get rid of as much bike grease from the cloth as you can. As usual, wash the item according to the label's instructions. Hang it outside to dry if you can. If any stains are still evident, working with them will be considerably easier if heat from an iron or tumble dryer has not been applied.

Wash Your Clothes With Shampoo Or Bar Soap To Remove Bike Grease

Instead of liquid dish soap, shampoo or bar soap effectively removes stains from clothing. Shampoo can help you remove bike oil from your clothes in a similar way to how it works with bike grease that builds up in your hair, albeit they frequently have a milder effect on grease than dish soap.

Do not use shampoos or bar soaps with a lot of fragrances or colors. Your clothing might be damaged by these substances. A fabric with too many colors may start to bleed over time. Clear shampoo is your best choice.

Rub a small amount of it onto the stain's surface. To scrub more delicately, use your fingers or a toothbrush. Wash the clothes as usual after rinsing off the shampoo.

To prevent getting bike grease on your clothes, keep your chain clean.

One of the greatest ways to prevent needing to remove bike grease from your clothing is to keep your chain clean. Apply the appropriate lubricant to the chain after cleaning it with a premium cleaner. Remove any dust and debris as well to keep your clothes clean while biking.

If you've seen this site, it's probably too late to stop bike grease from getting on your clothes right now. However, take all necessary precautions to stop it from happening again!


Although it's a lot of fun to ride a bike, occasionally you might have to deal with bike grease. I hope one of the tips offered here will enable you to quickly remove a stain. Keep your chain clean and have fun cycling!