How High Must a Bike Stand Over?

The key determinant of how comfortable you will be riding an electric bike is its size, independent of the terrain. Even if you fitted your electric bicycle years ago, as you age, your settings could change, and you might start to question what size bike you require.

Therefore, it is hard to determine what size will be best for you until you are aware of your standover heights and the required adjustments. To keep track of your electric bike settings and the appropriate frame size for you, you need a bike height chart. The first step is to ascertain your Standover Height, and then you may proceed with the straightforward steps to suit your bike.

Is the height of the bike standover important?

Standover height is the distance from the ground to your crotch, and there must be at least a couple of inches between the top tube and your legs. If you don't, you could be killed if you need to stop quickly. A bike has a standover height of about 27 inches. Make sure to measure this before purchasing because it varies depending on the manufacturer and size of the frame.

How Do I Determine My Standover Height?

It's easy to determine your standover height, and you just need a few supplies to get started. You may always do this in two steps: measure your body height first, and then measure the length of your inside legs (inseam). In any case, always keep in mind to check yourself out while wearing your cycling shoes.

When you're prepared, gather a sizable book and your tape measure, then move toward your wall. Measure the space between the floor and your mark while standing against a wall to get your total height (anyone can assist you). The steps listed below can then be used to determine the size of your inside leg:

Step 1: Before taking the measurement, stand with your back to the wall, flat-footed.
Step 2: After that, put the book between your legs and push it beneath you so that it feels like a saddle for an electric bike.
Step 3: To make sure your e-bike or book is level, mark the wall where it touches.
Step 4: At this point, you can determine your standover height by measuring the mark's height from a level surface.

When measuring a typical road bike, you should allow about a 1-inch space between the tire and the ground to allow for lifting the bike while straddling. You can leave 2 inches of clearance if your bike's top tube slopes. Additionally, a typical mountain bike will need at least 2 inches of clearance.

How Can I Increase My Standover Height?

The following advice will help you increase your standover height:

Low stack height dropper posts

The dropper posts that we are all currently utilizing have raised our saddles in the drop position higher than fixed posts in the past because of their high collars.

Rail saddle with a shallow depth

Some saddles have exceptionally deep rails. Some saddles have strong foundation shells or very thick padding. By acquiring a saddle with more elegant lines and shorter rails, you may also increase your effective standover.

Shorter cranks

Crank arms on your bike are generally 175mm long out of the box. The use of shorter cranks, such as those with 165mm crank arms, is growing among riders. It not only successfully lowers your seat-tube/cycling height by 10mm, but it also improves pedal ground clearance and, according to some, makes pedaling less taxing and more effective.

Get rid of the flimsy pedals

If you are using one of the most recent waves of extremely thin flat pedals, try going back to a thicker pedal. Pedals that are 17mm broad instead of 12mm wide will raise your effective seat-tube height by 5mm (and the pedals will probably be better too).

Five-tenths of an impact

If you now use standard Five Ten Freeriders, upgrading to a Five Ten Impact model with a slightly thicker sole will raise your effective seat-tube height by a few millimeters. Despite their occasionally clunky nature, impacts are preferred by many riders due to their feel, extra-sticky grip, and bump absorption.


Do you know what a bike's standover height is now that you know the answer? Look for a bike that offers you the right amount of clearance if you want to purchase one. If your standover height is 33", we advise you to look for bicycles with a 32" standover height.