As our planet's resources become increasingly scarce, the creation of new energy, like the transition from traditional gasoline automobiles to today's new energy electric vehicles, is an unavoidable trend. Since the car has deviated from this pattern, it is unavoidable that the bicycle, which we have used for almost 300 years, will be transformed into an electric bicycle as technology advances.

Glacier melt has intensified around the world in recent years, causing sea levels to rise rapidly, and some coastal communities are expected to collapse to the ocean's bottom within a few years. People's knowledge of health rises as living conditions rise, resulting in an increase in the average life expectancy of people around the world, while the usable area of our planet shrinks. According to data, transportation-related carbon emissions account for 26% of worldwide carbon emissions, or over a quarter of the total.If we can lessen our reliance on gasoline cars and instead utilize electric bicycles to travel, we may considerably cut carbon emissions while also saving space, so alleviating the degradation of the living environment we have traditionally relied on.

Because our quality of living has grown, many individuals now rely on machine automation to do various tasks in their everyday lives. However, our physical state as a result of this has deteriorated significantly. We can substantially enhance our physical fitness, maintain our health, and extend our lives by riding an electric bicycle.

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Even if we currently live in a better environment, who knows what the world will be like in a century? Rather than making things worse, we can maintain and even improve the living environment for our next generation.