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What should you do when there is collision with Electric Bike?

E-bikes are now more popular than ever. But what remains certain is that electric bike accidents happen. From time to time, during different circumstances, an electric bike accident can happen and that surely is not a very nice experience. There are many tips and suggestions on what to do in those situations, but the fact remains that everyone acts differently in such situations.

Being part and present in the traffic means that you are aware that the accidents happen. The electric bike is a convenient vehicle, that allows the rider to maneuver between the electric and the pedal-assisted mode. This also can help in an event of an accident. But, the question still remains – what type of first aid after a bike accident should one look for?

In our previous blog, we talked about how to most efficiently protect yourself in case of a fall from an E-bike. In this blog, we will dive deeper into the way and the suggested ways of how to handle the E-bike accidents as better as possible. 

1. Seek medical attention

Depending on the severity and the seriousness of the accidents, the most important thing to preserve your health and the health of the other participant is to seek medical help. Do this as soon as possible, again, depending on the entire situation. Minor accidents can easily and safely be treated with the use of iodophor and bandages. These are must-have parts of one’s first aid kit. With the iodophor, you should disinfect the wound and stop the bleeding, if there is such. If a serious accident is in question, then you must seek professional help. Call an ambulance from your mobile phone or ask someone around to do that for you. You can also ask someone to take you directly to the hospital if you feel that it is better than waiting for the ambulance. You also have to report to the police about the accident, give your identity and deal with the situation as you see best, at the place of the accident and later.

2. Keep the evidence

Just like with any other kind of traffic accident, write down the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all the participants in the accident. Since you have your mobile phone with you, be sure to take several photos of the accident and any witness's around the accident. The photos are a great option to prevent further fuss of loss of proof. If the situation becomes more complicated, and you are already confused, the witnesses should step in. ask them to take the photos for you or write the data you need. Never throw away any damaged clothes or riding gear since they can be really important evidence if the situation goes to trial. Also, do not throw away the receipts of all the expenses that are related to the accident and the after treatment.

3. Consult a personal injury lawyer

After the accident has happened and you have collected all the evidence and the information, remember to consult a personal injury lawyer. This professional has the expertise and the knowledge of how to act in such cases. This will greatly help you with the accident benefit claims as well as litigation. If you are just part of the accident and not a party that caused or is responsible for the accident, you need to make a claim and need to know how to make it. After the accident, you will need to get in touch with the insurance companies of the other participants involved in the accident. To do that efficiently, it is best to have a lawyer since what you might say can affect your right to compensation. The common law is that there are around 2 years from the date of the accident to bring up the lawsuit at the at-fault party. But problems and issues can happen, in most cases with the municipal facility. This covers the accidents caused by snow-covered roads, pavement defects, improper road design, visibility obstructions, etc. in such cases the lawsuits against the city and the other municipalities require taking up a notice of pending litigation. It should be filed within 10 days of the accident.

4. Insurance claims

Any insurance claims need to be reported to the insurance companies. To do that, you will need to report the accident to your insurance company, if you have one. If you do not have one, then, you should report it to the insurance companies of the vehicle that hit you. Additionally, be sure to report the accident to your employer or the school. This will help the case if you possess disability insurance, accident insurance, etc. for that you will also need to inform the insurance company and file a claim. Additionally, what might slip your mind is to report the injury to any other of your insurance companies such as homeowners insurance etc.

Overall, accidents are stressful and not everyone can act the same. Besides looking out for your health and benefits, you will have to deal with the administration and all other processes if you want to get reimbursed by the insurance. Reporting the accident to the police also carries some weight in the process that will require time and patience, as well as dealing with lots of paperwork. That is why hiring a lawyer that specializes in this area will help you a lot, and guide you through the entire process. You must take notes, photos, data, and all other important things that might help speed the process and work to your benefit. However, the most important thing is to look for your health and well-being and be patient through the entire process.

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